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Former 2016 first-round pick Corey Coleman was traded away for a conditional seventh-round pick two weeks ago, making him one of nine Browns first-rounders since 2011 to have been jettisoned for cents on the dollar.


Given the return, it was clear that the Browns desperately wanted to get rid of Coleman, regardless of the compensation, but the cause was unknown. Now, we know why, thanks to Hard Knocks.

The show revealed that Coleman, who didn’t seem to be getting along with offensive coordinator Todd Haley, asked for a trade. The third-year wideout was unhappy with his demotion to the second team offense, and voiced his displeasure accordingly to head coach Hue Jackson:

I mean, it’s the Browns. It’s hard to blame Coleman for wanting to get as far away from that sadsack franchise as humanely possible, even if it means having to live in Buffalo for the foreseeable future.

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