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Turns Out Rachel Uchitel Used To Date Elin Nordegren's New Boyfriend

Aw, the poor girl. She just can't win.

On Friday, we were happy for Tiger's ex. We read an item in Page Six that said Nordegren was dating Jamie Dingman, a billionaire's son who once shacked up with Bridget Moynahan after another wandering-eyed pro ran off. (We were a little upset that she wasn't, in fact, dating former NHL goon Chris Dingman, but we take what we can get.) But Dingman was money-appropriate, handsome, all of that.


Now, though, TMZ's raining on her parade with news that Dingman used to bang former Tiger mistress Rachel Uchitel. In fact, Uchitel moved on from Dingman so that she could follow Tiger around the world. And now rejected Dingman's made his way to rejected Elin. They'll be the saddest super-super-rich people ever.

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