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Twins Ballboy Makes Nifty Leaping Catch

As the announcers watched the replay of this, one of them said, "You've got to have some skills to be a ballboy." So what skills are required of the ballboys (or ballgirls!) who work along the foul lines? Let's list 'em:

• Pay attention

• Know the difference between a foul ball and a fair ball

• If the ball is fair, leave it alone

• If the ball is playable, get out of the way

• When getting out of the way, try to grab your stool

• If there are no children sitting nearby, give the ball to a cute girl (or guy)

• If there are no cute girls (or guys) nearby, give the ball to a child

• Always look for the cute girl (or guy)

That's about it. This dude in Minnesota this afternoon? He's clearly overqualified.


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