Twitter crowdsources Charles Barkley’s greatest hits

Turns out, Chuck is a lot funnier than we remember

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Charles Barkley (l., with Kenny Smith) is a funny guy.
Charles Barkley (l., with Kenny Smith) is a funny guy.
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Charles Barkley: 11-time NBA All-Star, three-time gold medalist, and, uh, professional comedian? After a tweet this weekend about Barkley’s legendary sense of humor blew up, short, laugh-out-loud clips of the Inside the NBA analyst have started appearing in droves on Twitter. The original has over 3,000 quote tweets and counting as people dig up a seemingly endless cache of videos of Chuck’s perfectly dry delivery in just about every situation imaginable.

You’re more than welcome to spend your Tuesday scrolling through Twitter and checking over your shoulder to make sure your boss isn’t sneaking up behind you while you have your AirPods in, but to save you some time and maybe some face, here are a few of our favorite Charles Barkley moments from the thread that made Shaq choke-laugh from across the TNT desk.

When he argued that players should get to physically fight a fan at center court for five minutes with no legal repercussions if they’re heckling the player during the game

“I’m gonna take my time. I’m not gonna beat him up quickly. I’m gonna jab him a little bit, then I’m gonna lay the haymakers on the head.”


When he looked straight into the camera at Christmas and told the kids at home to swing first

“Don’t let them hit you first!”

When he told viewers not to buy the NBA League Pass, a product that he was supposed to be promoting, because the Lakers were playing

“$6.99? That’s a highway robbery! That should be at the dollar store.”


When he said that his friends in Detroit wanted a border wall up so that the Pistons couldn’t come back from their tournament in Mexico

“They were saying, ‘please hurry up and get that wall so that they can’t come back.’”


When he repeatedly insulted the women of San Antonio for eating too many churros and then issued an apology after trying said churros

“I had churros last night. I see what all the excitement is about.”


When he called Kevin Durant a cadaver after KD took his jersey off

“He would’ve had 55 if he had a hamburger!”


And finally, this gem from just this past week