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Gabriel Zakuani is a Congolese defender for Peterborough, who had a cup of coffee at the top level but couldn't quite cut it. But he's given his son a name as stupid as any Premier leaguer's child.


Trendy Zakuani was born last month, and according to The Sun, he's the only person in the world named Trendy. That's apparently what happens when the father is able to sneak one by the mother by telling her the name means something else entirely.

He said: "People have asked if his name is because of 'trending topics' on Twitter. Maybe it was in the back of my mind."

Gabriel said the name also refers to the baby's mum Shanice Petrie's job in fashion. He said: "The official reason was she wanted something to reflect that. But it was me who came up with Trendy."


Zakuani also has two daughters named Destiny and Heaven, so we think we've figured out the formula: girls are strippers, boys are social media.

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