A lot of news came out of the Winter Meetings in Orlando, but no transaction was more important than a confrontation in the hotel parking lot, where two agents reportedly threw down after one accused the other of trying to steal his client.

Jeff Passan of Yahoo attempted to get to the bottom of things and even obtained grainy video, shot at a distance, of part of the fight.

While it remains unclear who the men were, context clues from two witnesses to the altercation indicated that the fracas, which featured at least one kick, a handful of wild haymakers and intervention from both a local sheriff and hotel security, happened after one player agent accused another of trying to poach a client.

Stay the [expletive] away from my guy!" one man yelled, according to witnesses who described the chaotic – and amusing – scene to Yahoo Sports in exchange for anonymity.


There was lots of yelling and pushing, including the angrier man upping the ante significantly when he said, according to the witnesses, "I'm gonna burn your [expletive] house down!" One of the men, said the witness recording the video, seemed to be apologizing – and then threw a punch to restart the fracas.


So, obviously, we need to know who these two were. (That you, Lozano?) If you have any idea which two agents dropped the gloves, give us a shout.

Parking-lot altercation steals the show at winter meetings [Yahoo Sports]