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Two Leagues, Two Titles, Two Games-One Time

It all begins at the same time. 8:00pm.

For whatever reason, both leagues decided to take last night off. Totally frustrating, right? But whatever, nobody likes going to a bar to watch sports and get drunk and have an entire day to recuperate.


But on the bright side, we'd get a double-header on Sunday, a little day/night sports action. Awesome, that should be fun to watch and/or blog about. What-no afternoon game? Wait a second-we didn't get any games last night, no afternoon game today and get this-BOTH GAMES ARE ON AT THE SAME TIME! Gee thanks.

There's only one thing that could cheer me up-if some shoe company did a commercial featuring soccer stars, Daft Punk, a Gallagher brother and Greedo.

Oh wow. Thanks tipsters:

Thank you commenters, you are my favorite people in the world. Thanks to AJ, Dash, Tommy, Barry, David and the rest for letting me run site today; they will be here for you tomorrow. And Congratulations Will.


Gee, all this talk of weddings has got me feelin' all romantical and such-

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