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It only seems natural that when you have two prominent hockey bloggers, a fight would break out. McErlain at Off Wing Opinion, a site we've been a fan of for a long time, has called out anonymous fellow hockey blogger Eklund's Hockey Buzz for being a complete and total fraud. Eklund's old site was known as an invaluable resource for info during the NHL lockout โ€” as much as any NHL lockout site could be considered "invaluable" โ€” but he has remained veiled by secrecy. Off Wing Opinion pulls back the curtain, pointing out inaccuracies and inconsistencies in the Eklund bio:

Everytime you turn around this joker's story keeps changing. And if he's going to lie to you about who he is and what he does, then why in the world should you trust anything he tells you?

Enjoy the scuffle, at least until the NHL buys both sites and bans them from fighting anymore. Jerks.

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