Yankee Stadium tries to be classy, and fails miserably. Again.

Last month, the Yankees caught flak for their "Craft Beer Destination." Of the four options, all four were brewed by the MillerCoors conglomerate, and two of them, a shandy and a cider, weren't actually beers. The stand was hastily renamed the "Beer Mixology Destination."

Some more verbal gymnastics are required after DNAinfo noticed the Yankees' four "import beer" carts, located around the stadium. Of the four options, Goose Island IPA is brewed in Chicago New Hampshire, while Beck's has been brewed in St. Louis for more than a year.


The other two, Hoegaarden and Stella Artois, though also owned by AB InBev, are legitimate imports. They are still probably not worth $12 for 24 oz.

After being confronted with their questionable labeling, the Yankees' concessions operator announced the carts will be rechristened "Premium Beer." They will still cost $12.


Update: Reader Mike sends along this pic of another beer vendor at the stadium. Once again, the Yankees bat .500 on labeling their imports.