The Tiger Woods saga has made the old golf media guard testy because their precious game has been sullied by all this cocktail waitress-boinking coverage, and now, email hoaxes. Watch more of them type angry.

First up is Dave Seanor, former editor of Golfweek magazine, who's resorted to posting shit-at-the-wall columns on the Friendster of online content aggregation sites,, to keep busy. Seanor — who you might recall was canned from Golfweek mag after that silly Kelly Tilghman inspired "noose" coverblasts grapeshot at the "amateur" golf bloggers because their judgment is clouded by their insatiable need for more eyeballs:

Therein lies the rub of journalism today. When Internet noise reaches a certain decibel level, the phenomenon is reported as news. News outlets that adhere to good journalism practices can set the record straight, but usually it's too late. By then, a gullible public has been thoroughly duped and the equally gullible bloggers who perpetuated the sham can triumphantly tout a spike in traffic.

For an even worse example, we turn to Something Called "SaL" Johnson, a longtime writer for the Golf Observer (which, I'm told, is a widely read and respected publication for golf geeks), who banged out a laughably typo-riddled screed against golf blogger Geoff Shackelford, criticizing, of all things, his lack of professionalism. Honestly, unless Mr. Johnson was forced to type out this column with his face, it could win some sort of prize for the online sports writing equivalent of the Bulwer-Lytton fiction contest. Let's [Sic] a portion of this puppy:

Of course the vulture of golf websites, Geoff, had what he needed. What better scenario for Geoff, a site that put up a hoax so that he could link to with the added bonus of having one of the most decorated writers in golf hosting it. Giving more steam to the story, Shackelford put the email up with his own sarcastic flair of changing and updating it thinking that he was making fun of this hoax. In talking with several writers they also feel as I do that this is a totally irresponsible act by a person that may think he is very cleaver with his parodies but a lot of times his humor goes too far just like this.

From there, he goes down that dark and stormy path to Reilly®-ville, minus the couch springs. [Sic'd] again:

All of the great moments and memories could get erased because some blogger who sits in his basement of his Santa Monica home feels that golf is better served to do a parodie of some sick email instead of looking forward to what we can expect in 2010.


One thing we can all hope for in 2010 is that every writer can finally put the blogging-from-basement jokes finally to rest so we don't have to point out another hacky blogging-from-basement joke when it happens. It's no longer clever. Or cleaver.

Photo: LootNinja