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Two Pair Not A Winning Hand In Kansas

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Oh yes we've got trouble! Right here in Salina Kansas! With a capital T and that rhymes with B and that stands for boobs! Here are Salina Central High seniors Jessica Sheahon and Haley Wenthe, modeling salacious T-shirt designs which have been banned from their high school campus. The entire notion is shocking indeed: Don't kids now just skip right over second base?

It's an idea to raise money for breast cancer awareness, the plan of a pair of high school seniors. Now one of their designs has been banned from their school. Sheahon says, "We thought that would be a great way to market to kids and get them thinking about breast cancer." However, the school disagreed, they were told they couldn't sell them or wear them on campus. "The T-shirt in question included a sexual innuendo that we felt was inappropriate for school, it was not a message we wanted to convey in school," says Salina Central High School Principal Stan Vaughn.

Way to go, Stan! If it wasn't for educators like you, creativity in the name of a good cause would be running rampant in our schools. Now you kids quietly go about your business, mmm-kay?

Thanks to the magical Internets, however, the word is out and Sheahon and Wenthe are selling more shirts than they have had time to mail out. The creative side of the human brain, and breasts, triumph!


(Photo by Jeff Cooper, Salina Journal).

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