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Illustration for article titled Two Teens Die After Sneaking Onto Olympic Bobsled Track And Trying To Sled On It

Last night, eight teens snuck into Calgary’s Canada Olympic Park (where the 1988 Winter Olympics were held) with a sled, and crashed while trying to take it down the bobsled track. According to emergency services personnel, they crashed into a wall separating the luge and bobsled tracks, and two twins died at the park, while the remaining six were taken to hospitals. They were 17 years old. Ontario’s London Free Press has some details:

Police and paramedics were called around 1:30 a.m. to the WinSport facility to respond to several people injured on the closed track.

“It’s believed at least eight teenagers, all males, entered the property after hours and used a personal sled or toboggan in an attempt to go down the bobsled track,” said Staff Sgt. Paul Wyatt.


The track, as the Free Press notes, is almost 1500 meters long, and its curves exert a maximum force of 4.5 g’s on bobsledders. That’s a lot for anyone to handle, let alone some kids in the dark on a sled they brought from home.

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