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Tyrel Dodson's Girlfriend Told 9-1-1 That He Hit Her Across The Face And Stole Around $10,000 From Her Apartment

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On May 26, Bills rookie linebacker Tyrel Dodson was arraigned in Arizona after being arrested on misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct, assault/domestic violence and damage to property of less than $2,000. The arrest came after Dodson’s girlfriend called 9-1-1 and told the operator that Dodson had hit her across the face, and stolen her keys and money from her safe and her wallet.


Here’s the audio of the call that TMZ obtained:


The audio from Dodson’s girlfriend’s call adds a bit more detail to the police report that reporters obtained at the end of May. The incident reportedly began with a domestic dispute between the linebacker and his partner when, after being told he was too drunk to go to an unnamed restaurant, he threw up on the carpet of his girlfriend’s apartment. Dodson’s girlfriend then said the linebacker propped her up against the wall as she was trying to clean up after him. She then said he hit her across the face after she tried to get him off of her. A neighbor who overheard everything then tried to intervene, but was shooed away after the neighbor threatened to call the police.

Once the neighbors left, Dodson reportedly locked the door and wouldn’t let his girlfriend leave her apartment. She then told the emergency operator that she jumped out the patio to get out of her own place and waited for a friend at a nearby gas station. When Dodson’s girlfriend returned to her place, she found Dodson gone along with her keys and all of her money—which she said was over $10,000. Not mentioned in the call is this detail from the police report that Buffalo News noted:

The police report also states that the alleged victim was given a “lethality assessment” questionnaire. She answered “yes” to the questions of “do you feel the violence against you is escalating in severity” and “is your partner jealous or does he/she try to control you?”

Dodson denied any physical altercation occurring, said he only took $1,000—which his manager promptly returned to the linebacker’s girlfriend—and blamed his girlfriend’s anger on a text message she read.

The Bills released a statement shortly after Dodson’s arrest:

“We are aware of the incident involving Tyrel Dodson last weekend. We have been looking further into the matter and will continue to gather information as the legal process continues.”


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