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Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor had a chat with Lindsay Czarniak on ESPN Wednesday night, and as he rattled off fun facts about himself, we all learned that he accidentally ate a quarter when he was a kid. Big deal, I say.


Taylor told Czarniak the tale of how he swallowed one (1) quarter:

Czarniak: How’d you swallow a quarter?

Taylor: Just being a kid, playing around, throwing it up in the air and swallowed it. Got caught in my mouth. I was actually laying down on the bed and tried to lean up and—yeah, that happened.

Czarniak: How old were you?

Taylor: I think I was seven.

Czarniak: So, what happened?

Taylor: It came out.

Why do I hold such a strong stance on the topic of unintentionally eating coins as a child? According to my sources—my mom, on a phone call, today—when I was about 1 year old, I was playing with a cup containing a few coins and pretended to drink from it. I ended up swallowing two pennies and a dime, according to my mom. I was fine. Sure, Tyrod ate a bigger coin, but I ate three. Get out of my face, Tyrod.


Like Taylor’s, my coins came out.

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