James Toback's film Tyson debuted on Friday night at the Cannes Film Festival, and reviews are about what you'd expect (the words "honest" and "self-serving" pop up quite a bit). The film is simple in it's approach, consisting mostly of Tyson speaking directly to the camera about how, and why, he's reached this point in his life.

The former champion once again preached innocence on the topic of his rape conviction, going so far as to call his accuser "a wretched swine of a woman." So yeah, it's basically more of Mike being Mike. What is sure to interest viewers the most is Tyson's frankness with which Tyson tells his life story, going all the way back to the days before Cus D'Amato entered his life.

Ultimately Tyson wants viewers to know how much he's changed in his middle age, whether that is to be believed is up to the viewer.