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That woman right there, that's Jenna Jameson. She's a porn star. By "porn star," we mean "someone who is paid to have sex with other people while cameras are running." We don't know much about porn โ€” really โ€” but we have always found it, we dunno, a little degrading. Sorry. We're prudes.

Which is probably why it was only a matter of time until Mike Tyson got involved. If there's an opportunity to be publicly degraded, Iron Mike will always find it. According to Tyson, Jameson's representatives have contacted him about starring in a film with her. And he's considering it!

"I just talked to a gentleman called Jimmy who's involved with Jenna Jameson. They said they were interested in getting me involved in the adult film industry. I need the money upfront."


We barely have the heart to do this, but apparently a couple of nude photos of Tyson have hit the Web as well. Soon, they're just gonna have Tyson fight a tiger or something and just get all this overwith.

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