Yes, Jason Whitlock knows (allegedly) whipping your girlfriend around by her hair is bad.

Yet, when a "friend" told him to check out the U.S. Open set-to in which "a large woman in her late 40s confronts a normal-size young man," Deep Thought Time began. And when Deep Thought Time (to find a tenuous connection between two stories) begins as Column Deadline Time approaches, there's one possible outcome:

[T]he U.S. Open video reminded me that we should wait before judging Jay Mariotti. His media shtick portrays him as an unenlightened hypocrite and a punk. It does not, however, paint him as someone who roughs up women. ...
Let's wait to hear from the participants before we Mariotti Jay Mariotti.

Yes, innocent before proven guilty. Important.

Yes, without video, the tennis fight would've been played differently.

Yes, the line, "The witnesses didn't react the way I would have" leaves the "Would Jason Whitlock have had to choke a bitch" question unanswered.


But, do you really think Master "I Gotta Lotta Money On the 'Game'" could take "20 of those" slaps like he says he can? I'm going with no, just because the chick was "large."

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