We introduced you to U.S. Speed skating coach Jae Su Chun last week in a story about tormenting members of his own team. Turns out Chun is also a jerk to athletes not on his roster. U.S. speedskater Simon Cho, in an arbitration filing earlier this week, says he tampered with Canadian speed skater Oliver Jean in the world championships in Poland last year, as ordered by Chun.

The arbitration document alleges Chun asked Cho to tamper with the skates of Canadian Oliver Jean before the final of the 5,000-meter relay. Canada was only able to field three skaters in the relay because of a problem with Jean's blades.

In July 2012, Cho told a fellow American skater, "I know I have done (expletive) up things. I wish I could take them back. But I can't. ... And I'm preparing myself for the consequences to come."

Two days earlier, Cho had said to a fellow skater, "Everyone knew Jae Su was the mastermind behind the situation at the World Teams."

Jae Su Chun has denied the abuse claims against him and U.S. Speedskating has since placed him on administrative leave.

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