UCLA QB Announces Transfer Via Bizarre Press Release

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Fact: A redshirt sophomore named Chris Forcier is leaving UCLA to play ball at Furman. Fact: His family decided to announce the move with one of the more batshit loony press releases you'll ever read.

You can find it here. Forcier offers a brief CV and a link to what appears to be a family web site, which I suppose is normal enough. But then comes the "Statement of Facts," which is full of the sort of arbitrary capitalization and punctuation and general air of persecution that you usually find only in prison letters and the columns of Stephen A. Smith.

Fact: I was a National Recruit out of High School including multiple Pac-10 offers.

Fact: I was a scout.com (4) Star QB labeled as a dual-threat. I learned a complicated offense that calls for a pocket passing QB.

Fact: I'm a life long UCLA Fan. I love UCLA Football. Most Bruin fans have been very supportive/good people.

Fact: I've always worked hard in the classroom as a student athlete where I've been recognized as a UCLA Honor Roll student.

Fact: I've competed hard in games and on the practice field, in film and meetings where I've always come prepared, attentive, always taking notes.

Fact: I believe my UCLA teammates respect me, especially the defense since my freshman year including past D-Coordinator Coach Walker.

Fact: I was practice player of the week as a freshman multiple times.

Fact: New QB Coach Norm Chow and New Head Coach Rick Neuheisel have brought in and played since day (1) their own guys (Quarterbacks)
i.e. Kevin Craft.

Fact: In late February New QB Coach Norm Chow told me that the younger guys would get most of the QB reps in Spring Ball.

Fact: This is a pattern nationally. When New Coaches come in, they recruit their own guys, especially at the quarterback position. It's just like the corporate world, New Owners bring in New Management. With that being said, I do not fault them.

Fact: In early March 2009, after seeing the writing on the wall, I reluctantly requested a meeting with Coach Neuheisel. In our meeting, I respectfully requested a "Permission to Contact Letter" NCCA bylaws Personal request attached, not to be confused with a 'Release" as it was inaccurately reported by Brian Dohn of Inside UCLA, the Bruin Report and a few others.

Fact: My heart is at the Quarterback position. I have several solid options around the country to play. My quandary is and always has been that I also love UCLA.

Fact: I've always been a "team player" and have done what has been asked of me. Including but not limited to practicing WR in this years spring ball. Not to be confused with moving permanently to the position as it was again inaccurately reported.

Fact: In 2007, I was (1) of the top (7) Quarterbacks in the country. However, none of that matters unless there is true opportunity to compete afforded.

Fact: I have reached my decision "Furman University" Greenville, South Carolina.

Fact: I like and believe in Head Coach Bobby Lamb's system and style. I am looking forward to the challenges at Furman University.

Fact: I would like to wear #7 as I did in High School at Saint Augustine in San Diego, California.

Fact: I want to be part of the "Greatness of Fuhman University" academic's.

Clearly, the boy has let his emotions get the better of him here, so I hesitate to make too much sport of this. (The "'Greatness of Fuhman University' academic's"? Oh, man.) But I'll be damned if I've ever seen a document quite like this. That, as they say, is a fact.


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