UCLA's Non-Foul, And Huggy Bear Sober In The Sweet 16

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We had no idea there were so many Texas A&M basketball fans out there, but boy, has our inbox been full with people sending us the above photo. Yeah: That kind of looks like a foul.

Of course, guessing what would have happened if a foul would have been called, and how that would have all went down, is one of those empty games we all play with ourselves to pretend there's some sort of order to the chaos. But man, imagine if Texas A&M would have pulled this game out: Xavier, Texas A&M, West Virginia and Western Kentucky, battling for a shot at the final four. Billy Packer would never stop crying.


For all the Kevin Love, uh, love, we think the most compelling character left in the West Regional has to be West Virginia coach Bob Huggins. This guy has had an active few years; surely, you haven't forgotten the epic DUI video. In a way, West Virginia and Huggins have always been a perfect fit, and not just because he went to school there. We're not sure what kind of message it would send about academics in college basketball of Bob Huggins led WVU to the Final Four ... probably an extremely honest one, actually.

But hey: Cincinnati's athletic grade point average is up a tick or two, so there's that.


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