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UConn Booster Goes Crawling Back To The Place That Loves His Money

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University of Connecticut Board of Trustees Chairman Larry McHugh announced last night that the academic institution has reached detente with booster Robert G. Burton.

Burton is a 72-year-old printing-and-publishing magnate who, because he's contributed more than $7 million to the school, wanted more of a say in the process that saw Paul Pasqualoni hired to replace Randy Edsall as head football coach last month.

He'd sent an angry letter demanding his family name be taken off a building at the school. It wasn't well-received by pretty much anybody paying attention not named Burton or Marriedintomoney-Burton.


According to a statement released by the university Friday night, the booster "came to the conclusion that I'm not going to let one experience change the relationship my family and I have with UConn."

"Unfortunately, my unmet expectations and displeasure with the process used to select the football coach left my family and me upset. This expectation was based upon various times during the past 12 years where my family and I were consulted on a number of issues related to the football program. ...

McHugh also noted via statement that, "The time spent with the Burtons confirmed my suspicion that they continue to possess a deep reservoir of love and respect for our University despite the frustration and disappointment they felt with the process used in hiring our new football head coach. ... The UConn community is grateful for all of the contributions the Burton family has made to enhance our academic and athletic programs and the support they have provided to so many UConn students."

... And will hopefully continue to provide now that we publicly knelt before him.


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