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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

UConn Huskies football coach Bob Diaco named Casey Cochran his starting quarterback for the season. The interesting part of this story is that Cochran, a redshirt sophomore, has a beautiful mullet.

His forward-facing roster photo doesn't do the hair justice, only teasing us with a few wisps of hair, but a press conference from yesterday gave everyone a better look at Cochran's Patrick Kane Deluxe, along with his light mustache.

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Look at that thing. That's not a haircut; that's the 1984 CMA Awards. You see hair like that and you wonder if there's a Fiero parked nearby. If that hair could talk, it would say: "Get back in the house, Lurleen. I'm handling this." It's wonderful. Please don't cut it, Casey.

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