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UEFA Is Sick And Tired Of All These Adorable Children

Photo via Getty

Some of the most endearing images from the Euros were snapped after Wales beat Belgium in the quarterfinals, when some of the ecstatic Welshmen celebrated the feat alongside their adorable children. Naturally, the haters at UEFA didn’t like these photos of pure joy and don’t want the scenes to be replicated.

The director of Euro 2016, Martin Kallen, laid out his wrong argument for why cute pics with precious children and their beaming dads are actually bad thusly:

Kallen said: “It is a European Championship not a family party … a stadium is not the most safe place for small kids.” He pointed to the risks involved to youngsters if fans invaded the field, and that stadium staff could be operating machinery on the playing surface.

Perhaps wary of the potentially unpopular nature of his request, Kallen added: “It is nice pictures. We are not 100% against it but we are cautious.

“It is getting more and more a habit that entire family members would like to go on the pitch or into the technical area. The principle is how far you go with having other people on the pitch than the players. People with accreditation cards should be on the pitch and not more.”


Actually, Marty, I think you’ve got it all wrong. Bringing kids on the pitch should in reality make things safer for everyone, as no potentially absent-minded pitch attendant revving up the weed whacker or a mischievous Bad Fan looking to toss a firecracker or two onto the field would want the added baggage of doing something to harm a little kid; thus, any would-be injurer would be on their best behavior upon seeing the little ones.

Because really, who would hurt these angels?

Photo Hal Robson-Kanu sharing the big moment with his daughter via Getty
Photo of Robson-Kanu bringing little Betsy (is it Betsy? It should be Betsy) over to Neil Taylor’s son, daughter, and daughter’s favorite rabbit dolly via Getty
Photo of the Taylors smiling at someone, probably mommy, who deserves lots of credit for picking out those bows in the daughter’s hair and weaving together that cute ‘do via Getty
Photo of Wales players laughing at a large child whose daddy left him before showing him where the potty is via Getty

More kid pics, less cranky UEFA statements, please.


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