UFC Fighter Leaves Post-Fight Interview To Fight Another Fighter Backstage

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Jorge Masvidal showed out in Saturday’s fight against recent welterweight title challenger Darren Till in London, as he knocked out the Englishman with an overhand left in the second round. Masvidal apparently wasn’t content with smacking around just one fighter that night, because after the bout he put his hands on another.

While Masvidal was being interviewed by ESPN’s Laura Sanko backstage, welterweight Leon Edwards starting jawing at Masvidal. Edwards, ranked one spot ahead of Masvidal, had beaten Gunnar Nelson that night and afterward called out Masvidal, saying, “July, you’ll get your ass kicked in July.” So Masvidal left his interview and punched Edwards in the face a few times.

Masvidal later told ESPN that he only reacted after Edwards raised his hands, though the video seems to show both men’s hands coming up at the same time. Either way, Masvidal’s blows opened up a cut on Edwards’s face. Edwards was treated in the arena, and local police briefly investigated, but Edwards declined to press charges.


As Masvidal told it, “this hooligan” threatened him, so he gave him the “three-piece with the soda.”


As usual, UFC czar Dana White pretended to be outraged by this spectacle making news, saying, “I can’t even believe that this happened. We need to do a much better job of making sure this shit doesn’t happened at any of our events.” Give it a month, and this’ll be used in all the promos for an Edwards—Masvidal match in the cage.