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UFC Fighter Uses Homophobic Slur, Manager Offers Moronic Defense

Yesterday, UFC fighter Nate Diaz took to his Twitter account to voice the following opinion:


He was referring to a recent incident in which fellow fighter Pat Healy was docked $130,000 in bonus money after testing positive for marijuana. $65,000 of that money—which was awarded to Healy for getting the Submission of the Night at UFC 159—was then given to Bryan Caraway, who was the only other fighter to get a submission at that event. For this, Nate Diaz thinks that Caraway is a "Fag."

UFC fighters saying intolerant things is nothing new (Diaz has been suspended for violating the UFC's code of conduct), but this instance is noteworthy simply because Diaz's manager, Mike Kogan, tried to defend his fighter in just about the dumbest way possible. From MMA Junkie:

Kogan, however, defended Diaz's choice of words. He did not advise the fighter to delete the tweet and advised his Twitter followers to look up the meaning of the word "f-g" in the Urban Dictionary.


"Guess what? The word f——t, at least in Northern California, and where Nate is from, means bitch. It means you're a little punk. It has nothing to do with homosexuals at all. So when Nate made the comment that he made, he didn't make it in reference to homosexuals or calling Caraway a homosexual. He just said it was a bitch move."


Oh dear. I'm pretty sure the number one rule for how to successfully execute damage control is to never, ever, cite Urban Dictionary. The second rule is to avoid arguing from a position that the rest of us left behind sometime around seventh grade.

Nate Diaz should probably get a new manager.

h/t Marchman

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