UK-Vandy Refs Blow Shot Clock Violation Call, Hand Game To Kentucky, Baffle And Confuse A Senile-Sounding Bob Knight

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Live Recording - Jan 10, 2013 11_11 PM

Poor officiating continues to be the story of this college basketball season, as SEC refs swallowed the whistle on a clear Kentucky shot clock violation late in the Wildcats' bout against Vanderbilt in Nashville tonight and allowed UK to march home to Lexington with a 60-58 win.

Kentucky's Nerlens Noel hit a jumper with 18 seconds left that proved to be the game-winner, though replays—and the on-court-buzzer—showed it clearly to still be in his hand once the shot clock expired. The confusion led to an embarrassing moment for ESPN analyst Bob Knight, who required an in-depth explanation of how shot and game clocks work by fellow announcer Rece Davis. Knight's confusion about the game and shot clock difference lasted nearly a minute, to the point Davis gave up. [ESPN]