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Ukulele Boob Girl Will Do Anything You Ask If You Vote For Her Again

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Remember Sarah H., the lovely damsel who desperately pleaded for your votes in some sort of freakish marketing contest by playing a ukulele nestled under her breasts? Well, she's emailing again, claiming that the freakish marketing people somehow turned her 1,500-vote advantage into a 12-vote deficit.

"I have no idea why this has happened but i am freaking out," she wrote seeking support this weekend. "I would send you another video but I am 300 miles from home staying with friends till next Wednesday and the competition ends on Friday!"

Noting that she's "pretty desperate," she asked to post the old video, but that didn't seem fair to anybody involved. So, a compromise was struck: Sarah H. promised that in exchange for another call for votes, she'd film a brand-new video next Wednesday. There's one caveat: Deadspin Commenter involvement is a must.


"Maybe I can wear a costume or hold a sign. I will do whatever the winning comment says," she wrote today. When told that "whatever the winning comment says" might be above-and-beyond "wearing a costume," Sarah H. declared, "I will be ready for anything."

Please use this link as the voting link as it means i can track how many people have clicked it so they cant lie about me not getting votes :)

So there you have it. I guess I'll pick the winning comment from whatever you people come up with by COB tomorrow. She didn't lay any ground rules, but I will: No Requiem for a Dream type stuff. It's too soon.

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