Ultimately, Tis Greed That Foils All Soccer Jersey Thieves

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So you're the head equipment manager of a Serie A team, and decide to steal a few jerseys to sell on the black market. Who's going to notice if you take four or five ... or 2,000?

Adrian Roberto Oliva is shown here stuffing exclusive Juventus training jerseys into a trash bag, and was planning to sell them on the black market. He was caught when the team noticed some jerseys missing and set up a hidden camera. Police then searched his apartment and found a few hundred more. Here's the jersey that caused all the fuss.


"He was arrested on this way to Spain where the goods were commanding an even a better price. Officers found 700 tops in his van and another 400, plus £1,800, in his apartment." Don't know why there'd be such a demand for Italian soccer jerseys in Spain. But anyway, Oliva will look right at home over the next few months, as Juventus' home jerseys are quite similar to what he'll likely be wearing in the pokey.

Update: Oliva was sentenced to two months straight of watching this video.

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