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Um, Gotta Support The Team?

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David Puddy approves. You know, if he were a real person and not a character played by Patrick Warburton on a sit-com.

Still, you have to reluctantly admire this misguided fellow's dedication to his obviously beloved New Jersey Devils. I suppose at least he's not painting his face.


In the interest of total disclosure, I once contemplated getting a Minnesota Vikings tattoo way back in 1998, when the Purple were on their way to a 15-1 season that culminated in utter disappointment in the NFC Championship game. Ugh. Thankfully, despite being young, dumb and full of rum, I chose wisely and elected not to get said tattoo. How stupid would I have felt when the Vikings move to Los Angeles in a couple of years? Governor Schwarzenegger is now a sworn enemy of the Weed household.

But enough about me. Of course, this is Weed Against Speed and I will be your humble host today here on Deadspin. Please send in any tips you might have and if you have a question for me personally, would like to anonymously tell me that I suck, or better yet, have some suggestions,you can e-mail me at

Alrighty then. Let's keep it light and have some fun today.

It's time for a little breezin', people.

Thanks to John for the pic tip.

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