The audio’s probably NSFW if you’re blaring it at your office, but familiar if you’ve ever been stuck sitting near your ballpark’s resident leather-lunged asshole.

In the sixth inning, home plate umpire Tim Welke called for ushers to eject a fan sitting near the Braves’ dugout. You can clearly hear a “You fucking suck, you piece of shit” on the telecast, but in the Reddit thread this video comes from, fans watching the game say this heckler was at it all night.

Harper is hated in Atlanta (even though he left the dirt logo alone last night), and Craig Calcaterra blames the Braves and their broadcasters for encouraging that hate. But dickwad fans are gonna be dickwad fans no matter what you do.

Not that Harper needed it, but he got the ultimate revenge a few innings later, when the Nationals celebrated clinching the NL East on the Braves’ infield.