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Photo: Mark Humphrey/AP
Photo: Mark Humphrey/AP

Anyone with a True Gamer’s Heart knows the soul-shattering frustration of getting owned. It is only through sheer force of luck that what happened to North Carolina guard Joel Berry II hasn’t happened to us all. Berry, the Most Outstanding Player of the 2017 Final Four, was apparently playing video games with teammate Theo Pinson and a team manager last week when he lost and punched a door out of frustration, breaking his right hand. This seems a good time to suggest this Kotaku article for those who want to learn how to properly throw a controller.

Berry is right-handed and will be out for about four weeks, according to coach Roy Williams. He went on to say that Berry losing his cool and punching a door was a good example of what makes Berry so good at basketball.

“He did a silly thing,” North Carolina coach Roy Williams told ESPN at ACC media day Wednesday. “That’s what it was. One of his greatest characteristics is his competitiveness.”


The only question left: What game was Berry playing? His Twitter activity suggests that he’s an avid 2K player (or at least was a few years ago) and he’s interested in soccer enough that FIFA would not be out of the picture. He hasn’t tweeted about any prominent shooters, so the leading candidate is 2K. We reached out to the North Carolina men’s basketball team and asked if they knew what game he was playing. Here is their response, in full:


We have filed a Freedom Of Information Act request for the info, and we’ll let you know when we hear back.

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