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"Uncle Nate" Auctioned Off A Rolex Johnny Manziel Gave Him

You do remember "Uncle Nate" Fitch, don't you? Johnny Manziel's bro/assistant/hanger-on, who allegedly arranged Manziel autograph sessions with memorabilia dealers that got the QB suspended for half of a game? Manziel's doing all right for himself now, and apparently so too is Uncle Nate.


Somebody—we can't 100 percent say for sure who, but we do know Fitch collects and sells watches—placed a Rolex wristwatch up for sale at a Heritage Auctions event at Cleveland last week. It purported to be the one worn by Manziel to the 2013 ESPY Awards. (You can see it in this wire photo from the event. That's also it on the left, posed artfully among poker accoutrements, in the photo from the listing. Come on, man.)

But how do we actually know, more than a year later, that the watch up for sale is the same one? Uncle Nate's gotcha covered.

From the auction listing:

Letter of provenance from entourage member [Ed note: lol] Nathan "Uncle Nate" Fitch!


It is accompanied by a letter of provenance from Nathan "Uncle Nate" Fitch, a lifelong friend of Manziel's from their middle school football days, and familiar member of the quarterback's personal entourage. Fitch attests that the watch was gifted to him by Manziel in 2013. Fitch's letter lists the serial number of the watch to ensure authenticity, and the design perfectly matches photography of Manziel at the awards ceremony. The watch appears to be in perfect physical and operational condition, and no longer retains its packaging or registration documentation.


I do love that the say-so of a former college star's parasitic flunkie is the new PSA/DNA authentication process.

The watch ended up going for $7,767.50. If you'd like to read watch enthusiasts making fun of both Manziel and the watch ("That is definitely a ladies watch"), the comments here will be your jam.


[H/t Matt]

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