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Undercut On Breakaway Dunk Leaves High Schooler Temporarily Paralyzed

Alex Etherington, a 6'5" small forward at Hamilton Heights High School in Indiana, had an open look at the basket just minutes into a game against Peru High on Saturday. The score was just 2-0, but a Peru player still attempted to stop Etherington's dunk attempt with a vicious undercut push from behind. Etherington, whose brother Austin will play for Indiana next year, hit his head hard on the floor and was eventually taken off the court in a stretcher. He spent the night in a Fort Wayne hospital and was diagnosed with a "serious" concussion. He also suffered bleeding on the frontal lobe of his brain and had temporary paralysis immediately after the fall. The sophomore will not play for the remainder of the season.


Alex Etherington out with 'serious concussion' [Indianapolis Star]

[H/T Trent]

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