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Undressed Mascot Loses Job, Regains Job, Confuses Adolescents

This is 40-year-old Tracy Chandler, who parades about as the Doncaster Rovers' mascot. Or as thousands of Yorkshire youngsters are now saying, "Donny...what...?"

Donny Dog shows up at matches for the Championship side, and volunteers at charity events around the area. For years, Chandler has donned the Donny diguise and been the most senior female mascot in the UK. But when she took a couple of plush-less photos for a men's magazine (for charity, of course), she was told her services were no longer required.


Said the club chairman, "Donny Dog is very popular with youngsters and we didn't like the association with Sport and children seeing that paper."

Well this one has a happy ending, though not for the aforementioned youngsters who may grow up with very conflicted feelings about older women, pets, and Anthrocon. Today Doncaster decided to give Chandler her job back, with the admonition to keep the suit on in public. Rove proudly, Donny Dog.

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