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Unfortunately, There Won't Be Anyone Wearing This Type of Outfit on Broad Street Tonight

Win or lose, mind you. It's just too damn cold to be parading around like this young lady was last Sunday night. She is obviously proud of her formidable upper thigh definition. The forecast for the game tonight is a frigid 30 degrees. Of course if there is a victory at the end of this wacky three inning- bullpen-shootout, even the city's most bottom-heavy, self-conscious denizens will gladly shed their long pants with joy. Me first. So, yeah. I'm going. Time to shower up and layer myself like a man about to summit Mt. Everest. And, thankfully, there will be beer. ************ Tonight: Watch Sussman live blog from some strange, tiny town in Canada. Keep him company for an hour or two. Tomorrow: Remember, Drew Magary co-edits the site, unleashing his poop-infested madness upon us for a full day. This can only be tolerated with a significant hangover, so I suggest everyone get good and plastered this evening. Thank you for your continued support of Deadspin. Please revel in the beat-boxing ability of one Monty Gee. I mean, SKEETS-boxing. See you tomorrow. Our lady of Victory, pray for us.


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