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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

UK freshman Vincent Swope is notorious in the Wildcats student section for dressing up like a referee, but his half-time half-court shot for $10,000 is making him a folk hero.

That's not only because he hit the shot (which you can see above, via the SEC Network) but because we're now hearing that supermarket chain Kroger—sponsor of the contest—is refusing to pay up because Swope's foot was on the line as he went to take the shot.


Kentucky students are nothing if not creative derivative, and before the game was even over an #OccupyKroger movement had already started on Twitter, threatening to boycott the supermarket. I thought Kroger was a nice supermarket when I lived up there but then I moved to Florida where Publix makes Kroger look like Aldi.

[h/t Matt Jones]

Update (6:31 ET): Matt Jones is now reporting Kroger will pay up.

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