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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Unlike that Seventh-Round Draft Pick, Your Inbox Has Potential

Bandwagoning happens. One day you're proudly wearing the jersey of a first-round draft pick, and the next, your closet looks like the locker room for Team Disappointment. It's not your fault—at the time, it really did seem like that 6'3'' guard out of Harvard was going to lead your team to glory. And that QB jersey would still be relevant if a few more mile-high miracles had taken place (not to mention some better pocket passing). And then there's that alternate hockey jersey you picked up because—well, not even you remember why you bought that thing.


Just like a regrettable jersey sullying your man-closet, your graymail—all those newsletters, daily deals, and updates—quickly becomes irrelevant and annoying. Last week's fantasy updates don't help you with this week's match-ups. That coupon for 25% off pizza and wings would have been great for this weekend's games, but it expired yesterday. Fortunately, Hotmail has implemented graymail management features to organize and get rid of those outdated emails.

Use "Schedule Cleanup" to select fantasy updates or daily deals and automatically trash the outdated ones (kind of like certain teams do with their disappointing draft picks each year). Hotmail also adds unsubscribe links to most of your subscriptions, so all you have to do is click once and the rest is taken care of (sadly, this can't be done with New York's new QB). And use "Sweep" to select a newsletter and have all of the mail from that sender sent to one folder (or straight to the trash). Click here to see all of Hotmail's advanced graymail features and sign up for an account of your own. Unlike that closet of faded dreams, it won't cost you a thing.

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