That's Bobby Hauck and Lon Kruger, inviting Rebels fans to buy tickets. Lon Kruger has been at Oklahoma since 2011.

Actual basketball coach Dave Rice thought it was funny, telling the Review-Journal, "if Coach Kruger can help us sell tickets, great." The AD says "it’s not a laughing matter," because she has no sense of humor.

How'd it happen? A rep from Clear Channel, the company that makes the billboards, explained in the comments on the article:

We’re sorry Coach Rice! While waiting for a new vinyl to be produced to go up on the bulletin at 215 and Buffalo, we mistakenly pulled outdated generic copy from our operations warehouse to cover the blank space. Within a few hours of it being up the RJ had this story posted covering the faux pas (that was quick!). Speaking of quick, that vinyl is already down and set to be recycled and more relevant copy will soon be posted in its place. On the bright side, this incident proves that people take notice of out-of-home advertising and that old vinyl still looks great! We won’t be making that mistake again. Go Rebels!


In conclusion, Clear Channel ruined radio.

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