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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Illustration for article titled Unpaid Athlete Resolves Paid-Dinner Scandal By Giving $40 To Charity
Photo: Gregory Shamus (Getty)

Today in tremendously stupid updates from the FBI’s college basketball investigation: Michigan State’s Miles Bridges has officially been cleared to play. The sophomore guard has been absolved of his sins (allowing an agent to buy dinner for several members of his family last winter, which reportedly took place without his knowledge) by donating the equivalent cost of said dinner ($40) to a charity of his choice.

After a brief investigation, Michigan State found that there was no evidence to support the specific claims about Bridges that were outlined in the FBI’s report: that a former agent employee spent $70 on a dinner with him and gave $400 directly to his mother. But the university discovered the aforementioned dinner that Bridges’ family had with a different agent, and Bridges was declared ineligible last week while the NCAA reviewed the matter.


May the NCAA and FBI rest easy now that this teenager has given up $40.


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