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There's still hope for everybody — but Peter Gammons seems completely exasperated by the Manny talk — that the blockbuster involving Manny Ramirez, Jason Bay, Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier, some bat boys from the Devil Rays, the Marlins athletic trainer, and about 14 other permutations will come to fruition at some point, but it appears the only significant move at the trade deadline post-Ken Griffey to the White Sox was:

Arthur Rhodes to the Marlins.

Of course, there might be some backdoor dealings that aren't being picked up and other significant non-waiver stuff throughout August, but other than that, the trade deadline is officially over. Hope it was fun for everybody. Jayson Stark, you can finally crack your knuckles.


UPDATE: Manny Ramirez traded to Dodgers. is down. The world is imploding. UPDATE: says Jason Bay to Dodgers. Honestly. People.

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