Urban Meyer (who posed for photos this morning with Archie Griffin and Luke Fickell, who will stay on staff) is now officially head coach of The Ohio State University. The deal has been signed (and can be found below), and includes all kinds of fun clauses.

• The term sheet makes official Meyer's six-year deal, at $4 million guaranteed. But there is plenty of room for bonuses. Meyer can make another half million if he sticks around just two years, and a $1.2 million retention clause if he remains coach for the length of the contract.

• Meyer can make an extra $100,000 each year his players' Academic Progress Rate is above 990, and $150,000 if it's north of 1000. (FBS average is 947.)

• Each year Ohio State has a Graduation Success Rate above 70 percent, Meyer will receive $100,000; if it's above 80 percent, $150,000.

• Meyer will receive $50,000 for winning the Big Ten "Leaders" Division, $150,000 for a BCS Bowl appearance, and $250,000 for a BCS National Championship game appearance. For each Big Ten Championship Game victory, Meyer will receive $100,000 and another year on his contract.


• Meyer gets $1200 a month for an automobile stipend, and Ohio State will pay his monthly dues for a golf course membership.

• "Ohio State will commit to working with Coach to create the Urban Meyer Fellowship for Ethics and Leadership in Sports."

The first "question" from the local media at Meyer's press conference this afternoon? "Welcome home." This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.