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US Open Brawler Arrested After Tabloid Trash Talk

Joseph Pedevill, best known for beating up old people, was called "an insane nut" by his neighbor in a New York Post story. Pedevill reacted to that by behaving like an insane nut.


The neighbor, Peter Scheider, made the comments to the paper a few days after Pedevill was banned from the Open for two years for his role (read: instigator) in a fight with a stroke victim septuagenarian and his daughter. Schneider and Pedevill have a feud dating back to a scratched car door, but apparently the insane nut comment was too much for the insane nut.

Days after Scheider ripped him in The Post, Pedevill accosted him outside their building and screamed, "You f- -king a- -hole!" according to a criminal complaint. "You are going to get it. You are going to see what is going to happen to you. I am going to kill you."

That counts as a violation of the restraining order Scheider had out on Pedevill, and he was booked.

I notice Pedevill only had big words for his neighbor, but doesn't mind throwing down when his opponents are a combined 124 years old.

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