USA Swimming Suspends Michael Phelps For Six Months After DUI Arrest

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Michael Phelps's comeback, with an eye on the 2016 Olympics, will be a little more difficult. After his DUI arrest last week, Phelps is now suspended from competition for six months.

Phelps was booked on Sept. 30 for driving way too fast after having way too many drinks. (Court documents show he failed two sobriety tests, declined a third, and blew his nearly-twice-the-limit BAC after sobering up for a bit back at the police station.)


Today, USA Swimming made the announcement:

USA Swimming acknowledged the severity of the arrest, which is the 29-year-old's second DUI in 10 years, and announced Monday that Phelps has received a six-month suspension from competing in the sport. Phelps announced Sunday he has entered a six-week treatment program. He has also agreed to withdraw from competing at next summer's FINA World Championships.


It's Phelps's second suspension by USA Swimming: he got three months after in 2009 after a newspaper published a photo of him hitting a bong.

Phelps has reportedly entered an in-patient rehab facility. He's due back in court on Nov. 19.


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