Police: Michael Phelps Blew A .14 BAC

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Michael Phelps was sort of a mess when he was booked on DUI charges yesterday, according to court documents, which you can read below. According to police, Phelps's eyes were red and bloodshot, "his speech was mush mouth," and he blew a BAC nearly double the legal limit.


Phelps told police he had three or four drinks—WBAL reports he had just finished up an eight-hour blackjack session in a private room at Baltimore's Horseshoe Casino—before police clocked him doing 84 mph in a 45-mph zone.

Phelps failed two sobriety tests at the scene, according to the statement of probable cause, an eye test and a walk-and-turn test.

[W]hen asked to perform a third, standing on one leg, told the officer who had stopped him just outside the Fort McHenry Tunnel: "that's not happening."

According to the statement, Phelps "appeared disoriented, argumentative, and did not attempt" a breathalyzer test at the scene. Instead he took one at the police station, where he blew a .14, above the state's limit of .08.

Phelps was charged with DUI, excessive speed, and crossing double lane lines. He has a court date set for Nov. 19.