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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

USA Today: MLB "Prepared" To Suspend Alex Rodriguez For Life

Illustration for article titled emUSA Today/em: MLB Prepared To Suspend Alex Rodriguez For Life

Hot off the internet machine is this dispatch from Bob Nightengale:

Commissioner Bud Selig is prepared to levy a lifetime suspension on New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez, while suspending about eight others before the weekend, two people with knowledge of the negotiations told USA TODAY Sports.


Nightengale's story goes on to say an official announcement is expected Thursday or Friday.

But notice the word "prepared" in that lede; it could be an indication that this decision is not yet final. Remember, MLB had already let it be known that several other players—previous reports said anywhere from eight to "upward of a dozen"—took a deal and agreed to be suspended. But with A-Rod's lawyer having said A-Rod intends to fight any suspension, this could just be one last leak at the 11 o'clock hour to let A-Rod know MLB is seriously serious about this stuff.


Photo: Associated Press

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