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Use All Of These You Want, You're Not Going To Help Sabathia

As is befitting a team with a mascot named Thunder, the Lake Elsinore Storm (Class A, California League) is giving out free samples of Subtle Butt anti-fart shields at their weekly all-you-can-eat Tuesday home games.

See, this is what Al Gore has been preaching all along. From the Lake Elsinore press release:

"You can probably deduce that All-You-Can-Eat ballpark food might lead to substantial gas subtle emissions, which is where corporate sponsor, Subtle Butt, enters the picture. Made of activated carbon fabric, each disposable 3.25" square shield is held onto the inside of the underwear with two self-adhesive strips. Subtle Butt effectively filters flatulence, absorbing and neutralizing its odor."

Therefore, the first 250 fans in attendance at every "Fat Tuesday" ballgame (the first is on April 14) , will receive a free product sample of Subtle Butt.


This idea hasn't made it to the majors just yet, but since the Storm is an affiliate of the San Diego Padres, the graphic to the right here may be especially appropriate.

Video here.

Subtle Butt is produced by a company called Garment Guard, whose founder, Kim Olenicoff, grew up with Storm assistant general manager Allan Benavides. "Our office is full of girls, and all we do all day long is talk about farting and sweat," Olenicoff told Ben's Business Blog. "We've never partnered with anyone before, but in Minor League Baseball we might have found the perfect niche."


Now available in four sizes: Small, medium, large and burrito.

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