Useless Senator From Louisiana Takes To The Floor To Moan About The Saints Game

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The U.S. government entered day 35 of its shutdown today. Hundreds of thousands of federal employees have not been paid in over a month, the airline industry is on the brink of total collapse, and the lines outside food banks get longer every day. Meanwhile, Louisiana Republican Senator Bill Cassidy, who is getting paid despite the shutdown, arrived on the Senate floor today to whinge about the blown call from last weekend’s NFC title game:

U.S. Senator Whines About Saints

This dork went on for over five minutes, stiffly making his way through an explanation of the play before coming to his point, which is that... referees should receive letter grades after each game? This is what sports radio rants would sound like if everyone who called into sports radio shows did so from outside the steam room at their country club.

The country may be being held hostage by a President and Republican party whose only goal is to erect an entirely useless monument to racism in the middle of the American desert, but at least this guy is enjoying his Friday sillies.