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USF Football Player Dismissed After Second Arrest For Sexual Battery And False Imprisonment

Photo: Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office/AP
Photo: Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office/AP

According to the Tampa Bay Times, former South Florida defensive end LaDarrius Jackson was arrested on Wednesday for sexual battery and false imprisonment. He was also arrested on May 1 and charged with sexual battery and false imprisonment following a separate alleged incident.

The latest report stems from an incident that allegedly took place at a woman’s Hillsborough County home on March 27. Per the Times, the woman said that Jackson repeatedly asked the her to join him in the shower; she said she rebuffed his attempts and that he blocked the door when she attempted to exit the bathroom. She reported to police that she washed her hair with her clothes on in an attempt to appease Jackson. The woman said he then “grabbed her, forcefully removed her clothing against her will, and committed sexual battery.”


Jackson then made her drive to a pharmacy and purchase Plan B pills, and made her take them while he watched. The report concludes with him having the woman drive him to his dorm room.

The former Bulls reserve has since been released from head coach Charlie Strong’s program—he was suspended from team activities after his first arrest. The quick decision to release Jackson following the second arrest comes after his first case garnered some national attention last week. Judge Margaret Taylor, who was presiding over Jackson’s case, tore into Strong over recent violent crimes charged against athletes on his team. Taylor, a USF alum, said she was ashamed to identify as such and questioned Strong’s control over his players. Taylor later recused herself from the case.

Jackson turned himself in voluntarily on Wednesday; he was released on a $9,500 bond several hours later.

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