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Illustration for article titled Using Weed To Pay For A Cab Ride In Front Of Cops Is Never A Good Idea

Just, you know, FYI. Because Michael Medvec, a 23-year-old Philly resident, tried it last Friday night, when he didn't have the eight bucks he needed to pay the fare back to his apartment. Let's read along with the Philadelphia Daily News, which got the deets from Philly police captain Brian Korn:

It was just before midnight when two officers on nightclub detail spotted a taxi double-parked and approached to ask the driver to move, Korn said.

The driver explained Medvec refused to pay his fare, claiming he had no money. With the driver's and cops' permission, Medvec left his phone as collateral and went inside his nearby apartment to hunt for money. He emerged minutes later, asked the cops to leave and then tried to smuggle the baggie to the back out of the cops' view, Korn said.


Korn said Medvec had tried to pass along just a "small amount" of weed as currency. Medvec was charged with misdemeanor possession. But he did make it home!

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