Many NBA teams have a four-pack family plan on quieter nights, perhaps against less popular opponents. You know, tickets, hot dogs, maybe Cokes... the usual. By our quick count, over a third of the league brandishes such a package. (Here's a hint: if your team was already selling out games despite being lousy, you don't have a family pack.) However, the Utah Jazz had to make certain adjustments to make it work for them:

Attention Jazz Fans! Come spend the Thanksgiving Holiday with your family at Fanzz Family Night at the Utah Jazz! This package includes 6 tickets and 6 hotdogs all for only $90.

Six tickets is a family plan in Salt Lake City. Also, there's no caffeinated Cokes in the package. We're sure it's because sodas are a money maker (not all of the four-packs provide drinks, either), but... yeah. We hope Larry Miller hasn't designated security guards to inspect the families to make sure they meet his strict standards.

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